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More than ever, marketing material like printed brochures and flyers are important.

While more and more of our lives are spent online, the need for print advertising is as real as ever, We may be spending more time online, but our attention is fragmented and divided from our social media and pop ups to the task at hand. Below are 5 reasons why Print Media is still effective in today’s digital world.

Street Appeal

Print media can be anything, it can be artistic and creative, engaging and beautiful. There are so many awesome things you can do in print that you are limited only by your imagination.? Google ads as well as Insta and Facebook ads are amazing and can certainly help with branding and advertising but that doesn?t mean it is there to replace print.

You can’t touch and feel a digital ad.

Print can really stand out to a consumer and engage them more effectively than a digital advertisement More often than not, a consumer will scroll through and not even pause a digital ad.
Digital advertising will never be able to? replace the sensation of what our senses can see, touch, hold, and smell. (however we do suggest if you want to smell your printing, you should do it in private)?

Combine digital with print.

There is no reason to just choose to advertise with just one or the other.? Take both mediums and use them to your advantage. Use the analytics page from your digital media to identify your target market and then use print advertising to target that specific demographic making it more effective!

Focuses your attention.

Digital readers don’t linger, people on news sites stay mere minutes. Readers answering a Facebook ad are gone in less than two minutes. If people can just click the ads away how can a business get its idea to its customer? A flyer, brochure or a poster can focus more attention because you can’t just click them away.

Everything that is old is new again

Even with all the awesome new tech  there is now, more then ever a demand for printed materials. While e-books are great, printed books are still amazingly popular. In most Universities students still prefer print textbooks over electronic ones.

While some things will change over time, others will stay the same. Printing is still strong.