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It seems like only?yesterday that we began our journey in the Print?World, but it was 11 years ago. From Print Monster, we would like to?THANK YOU for your ongoing support. You may think it’s a different world out there now with print taking?a step back?to web. But that isn’t the case…

Print is as strong as ever, if not stronger.

According to MarketingProfs, ?On the Internet, there is an unlimited amount of content to distract the audience from your brand; meanwhile, with direct mail marketing, there is a smaller pool of competition and thus you have a greater chance of connecting with the audience long enough to make a conversion.? Think of how little physical mail you receive, especially at the office, and how much attention you pay when you do receive something, especially if it?s designed and printed well.

The tactile, sensory experience of reading print on paper is significant. Scientific American points out that text on a screen is an ?ephemeral image? ? it has no reality. The feel and sound of paper matters. Two Sides survey showed that 67% of respondents said they liked the feel of print media over other mediums. Touch is an important aspect because there?s nothing quite like that feeling of holding paper. Digital texts ?always elude our grasp in some fundamental sense,? according to Piper. ?The touch of the page brings us into the world, while the screen keeps us out.? Certainly, there are many benefits to digital text, and in certain circumstances, it?s the perfect medium.

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