It must be the same with every industry; the client gets to you at the last minute and needs something straight away ?Its Urgent? is the catch cry.

There is a saying that I heard many years ago ?
?Don?t let your lack of organisation become my emergency?

Never is this issue truer than in the printing industry. So many times we see the client spend a month on preparing something for print only to finally sign off on the artwork on a Wednesday afternoon and proclaim that it is urgent and is it possible to get it delivered on Friday.


In the last few years we have seen lead times for things like business cards go down from 5-6 business days to about 48 hours, this is an awesome development and along with the improvement of digital printing turnaround times have dropped dramatically.

But something interesting has happened along the way, people?s expectations have increased just as dramatically.

We still get printing emergencies now because, for some people, 48 hours is too long to wait for business cards!!!

I don?t think it is a simple case of disorganisation (although that must play a part) but there is more happening.

People procrastinate ? Because?we can now produce business cards in about 48hrs?the natural tendency is to wait until you need business cards in precisely 48 hours before you order them


I figured out years ago that the most stressful part of this industry is meeting (unrealistic) expectations. We try very hard to work with you to solve your emergency, but that often means that someone else has to suffer. If your print job is getting bumped up the queue then somebody else?s (usually the organised person who isn?t in a rush) is getting bumped down the queue. It isn?t really fair.

At Print Monster our printing turnaround times are great. We will work with you when you need urgent printing and if it can be done then we can do it.

But we will also try really hard to work with you along the way so that you DON?T have a printing emergency, we will keep you informed and even give a little nudge where required to make sure that your print job is on time or even a bit early. This means less stress all around, a happy little Monster and a happy you.

Team Monster