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Maybe don’t tell your clients they suck at parking, but a punchie tag line, different paper weight, unusual size or rounded corners might be the difference in new client or not……here’s 5 tips to help!

  1. Bump it up a weight

Unless you’ve worked in a print shop or as a designer or have a thing for paper, its hard to know the 100’s of different paper weights & finished. Studies show?that the quality or weight of paper in which a document is presented actually has a measure able difference in how its perceived.The standard business card is 420gsm. Maybe go a little heavier? Or try a different paper stock- Eggshell, Pearl, White Linen, Buffalo board.
We have a great new option – Encore – 1.5mm thick with a coloured core. We used this once for a Boutique Building company. The opted for a small run to used for proposals and importation clients and had standard 420gsm card printed also.

  1. Make it personal

One of the best business cards we’ve seen, had lots of white space and one simple line – ‘Remember me…
And yes, we remembered them. You don’t need to overcrowd the cards.
Be sure your personality comes through in your card design and leaves room for personal touches that speak to who you are. Add a personalised element to your cards by printing small batch cards for each event you attend, or leave room for writing in memorable personalised notes in-person.

  1. Think outside the box

The?standard business card size is 90mm x 55mm.  While there’s something to be said for the comfort of sticking to industry standards, choosing a slightly different card size can help your card stand out from the stack and get a second look. Why not make then a little slimmer – 90mm x 45mm.  Or even a square. Take a look at the Print Monster cards were we used a ‘die-cut’ and literally took a bite out of it!

  1. Make a change you can feel

Just as size is standardised in the business card words, so too are pointed corners. One way to stand out is to make a slight change that gives your card a different feel. Maybe only two rounded corners, or a embossed logo, or Spot UV colour. Let them feel the difference.

  1. Forget the card altogether

In a world of 90 x 55 rectangles, Maybe the easiest way to stand out is to pass on cards altogether. Consider printing your contact information on utilitarian items, like pens or USB drives, so it’s likely to stick around and catch their attention multiple times, versus ending up in that brick of cards of since-forgotten contacts.  Haha, only joking business cards will never go out of fashion, but…

The moral of the story is, make it different!

Check out what some of the cards we have designed to make an impact www.printmonster.net.au/business-cards